Sick Library 2014

Sick Library 2014 is a complete rewrite of an older program of mine. It gives you a user friendly way to browse your SickBeard library and keeps track of what episodes you've watched and lets you delete all watched episodes from a show/season, If you want to keep some episodes then you can mark them as favorites and they'll be untouched by all deletion operations making cleaning out your library super easy!


- Browses your SickBeard library
- Shows TV Show banners and fan-art
- Easy to navigate
- Easy to remove episodes you've already seen
- An 'Unwatched' tab where you can quickly see what episodes you've missed and catch up on your favorite shows
- 'Favorites' which make an episode immune to deletion, so you can delete all unwatched episodes but keep your favorites!


You'll need to set up SickBeard to use the correct post processing name pattern, You'll get a pop-up the first time you run Sick Library telling you how to do this.


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