PiBaker is a fun little program that takes a large text file of numbers and draws a line following 5 basic rules(see below). For example, a text file containing 1 billion digits of PI.

It also comes with a viewer and a DLL you can use with your own projects to render infinitely large images.

The viewer and PiBaker both come with command line interfaces.

The Rules

It draws one pixel for each digit, moving one pixel at a time depending on the digit.

- 0 and 5 move up
- 1 and 6 move right
- 2 and 7 move down
- 3 and 8 move left
- 4 and 9 move forward in the last direction traveled


Download(or create) a large txt file containing numbers(1 billion digit Pi.txt works great, although it's rather large)

Drag and drop the .txt file onto PiBaker.exe to render the tiles

Once rendering is complete you can drag the Output folder onto InfinimageViewer.exe to view them in a zoomable viewer.

If you want to turn them into one large image, open command line and type 'InfinimageViewer -r -n "path\to\output\folder\"'. Optionally, you can specify a width and height of the output image using the -w and -h parameters.


This is a wallpaper I made using 1 billion digits of pi. This took up 400 1024x1024 images and around 75MB when rendered.


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