Lets Do Shots

A very useful screenshotting utility, capable of taking screenshots directly to your clipboard like the printscrn key except you can select a region, uploading to FTP which also puts the public link in your clipboard so you can share it instantly and saving to local disk.

You can, for example press Ctrl+1 and then left click+drag to select a region to save a screenshot to your clipboard, or right click+drag to upload the screenshot via ftp.
The keyboard shortcut and mouse actions(which button does what) are customizable.

Why the name?

Who knows! I could be because I had a few drinks in me when I came up with it, or it could be because I'm not the most creative person in the world - Most likely a combination of the two.


- Save screenshots to disk, ftp and clipboard
- Mouse buttons correspond to different actions
- Customizable hotkey
- Copy public ftp link(for uploading to webservers)
- Saved FTP password is encrypted



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