Infinimage is my infinite image class which allows you to create extremely large images by automatically creating 'tiles' as needed. Each tile is a 1024x1024 png.

For the moment, Infinimage has SetPixel, GetPixel and DrawPixel. DrawPixel is the same as SetPixel except it can draw transparent pixels on top of others.


Pieces together all of your 'tiles' and supports zooming and panning as well as saving them to a png.


The viewer has various command-line options, including -nogui and -render which, when used together will render all tiles to an image and close without actually opening the viewer.

Here's something I've been building to develop and test Infinimage:
10240x10240 Overview(63mb)
Closeup of a nebula(9mb)
It's a simple random Nebula generator. I'm really impressed with how the stars turned out, they're colored according to temperature and look absolutely amazing!


Just add a reference to Infinimage.dll and use it in your project.

Drag and drop a folder containing the tiles onto the viewer executable


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